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  Below are the projects that have been discussed by the GGCC Advisory Board and a summary of status. In some cases, projects have simply been discussed without action taken. For more information on any of these projects, please contact the project leader as mentioned in the section.  
  Arch Park  

Arch Park is a small county park adjacent to Roosevelt Arch, the original entranceway to Yellowstone National Park.

GGCC will be working closely with the NPS to determine future improvements to Arch Park in connection with proposals presented by Yellowstone National Park staff to improve circulation, parking and visual quality for the North Entrance gate, Park Street and the Arch itself (North Entrance Environmental Assessment).

We hope that this opportunity to work together will result in continuity that ties together spaces that are technically of different ownership with one seamless design for circulation and use.

The public comment period for the North Entrance Environmental Assessment put forward by the NPS is now in progress – you can download the plan by clicking here.

UPDATE 12/3/2011: EA is complete FONSI signed. GGCC continues to work with the NPS and other partners to develop design solutions. We will soon be coordinating a process to determine the need and community support for the Depot idea. 

Project Leader: Lynn Chan,


This historic cemetery is located just west of Gardiner on the south side of the Yellowstone River and on the boundary of National Park land. It was deeded to the Eagles who managed it for about 70 years until the deed was passed to the American Legion.

The cemetery is an important historic asset to Gardiner but is in need of some improvements to prevent its deterioration. The GGCC hopes to provide a new fence and gate to prevent wildlife from entering the small graveyard.

Project Leader: Sue Johnson,

  Road Maintenance  

Gardiner has long suffered a frustrating and dangerous pothole problem on its side streets. As all side streets are a gravel surface with now hard pavement, road conditions quickly deteriorate.

The GGCC is working with Park County on this matter and hopes to come up with a plan and methods to prioritize road improvements for Gardiner.

Do you know of a pothole or road problem that needs to be addressed? Send your input to and have your voice count! Please be sure to accurately describe where the problem is and include photos, if possible.

Project Leader: Laura Willams,

  Project Leader:  
  Historic Interpretation  

Gardiner has many historic and interesting properties and interesting stories to tell about its past. It is the first gateway community to Yellowstone National Park and was once surrounded by thriving gold mining developments.

GGCC hopes to develop a plan to interpret some of the properties and places of interest in Gardiner and the surrounding area including wayside exhibits and a possible historic walking tour for Gardiner itself.

Project Leader: Lynn Chan,

  Open Container Regulation and Trash Compactor  

Project Leader: Bill Berg,


In order to follow through with implementation of projects that improve the Gardiner area for both community members and our visitors we will need to find funding. Some facility improvements like public toilets will require continual funding if they are to be maintained successfully.

GGCC hopes to put together a fundraising committee to research a variety of options and opportunities such as donations, grants, and a variety of tax options. The institution of a tax would either be voluntary by those paying or require a vote by the citizens involved.

Project Leader: Gina Oertle,

  Are you interested in helping?  

If you are a resident in the Gardiner area and interested in assisting us with any of these projects, or have ideas of your own that you think will benefit our community, please visit Get Involved. Your level of involvement is up to you.

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